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What Is EDC Gear or Every Day Carry?

Last updated on Feb. 24th 2018

This may sound crazy but the term “Every Day Carry” (EDC) is as vague as it is accurate, basically it describes the group of things you take with you on a regular basis no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. They can be defined as your everyday essentials, but they are popularly referred to as EDC gear, EDC tools or just simply EDC.

For a long, long time I was an owner of EDC gear without formally knowing or hearing of this term, since to me these tools were simply things that I took with me every time I left the house, along with my wallet. Why do I mention this? Because most of us bros actually carry EDC gear and we haven’t put more thought on it beyond that of strictly functional basis.

If these are tools that we already carry with us on a daily basis, why is it convenient to think on how or why to assemble them? Simple: to get the most out of them!

Efficiency and Versatility: The Rules For Assembling Your EDC gear.

EDC gears can be as unique as the personality of its owner, not only do they reflect the activities we perform regularly but can also serve for purposes beyond our routine, since proper EDC gear can provide us with readiness for unexpected situations as well as help us overcome tricky situations. In our experience bros, planning your EDC gear often brings unexpected positive results: you can build it beforehand to cover a larger range of tasks, making it more comfortable to carry it in different environments and ultimately make your life easier.

As I was saying, the value of any EDC gear relies on counting with tools can enable you to do your best and even readying yourself in advance of adverse and unexpected situations, meaning: the more versatile your EDC gear becomes, the more value it provides you.

Life is, quite simply put, unpredictable at best. The value of EDC gear comes from having versatile tools that allow you to be ready for any situation. Often the difference between falling short and stepping up to the plate is how well equipped you are (or rather, if your EDC gear is good).

Right, but what items are considered common in an EDC gear?

The safe (and more conservative) answer we can give our bros is the following list, covering commonly used items by the majority of us:

  • Phone
  • Keychain
  • Wallet
  • Pen (Maybe)

You’ll notice these are just the stuff everyone carries with them on a daily basis and so it may feel uncommon to define it as “Gear” right? (Even though it qualifies as EDC gear) That’s why when thinking on how to assemble your EDC gear, being generic can lead you to underutilize it (and even though this doesn’t make it worthless), it certainly doesn’t exploit its full potential.

Thinking on your EDC gear potential: Readiness Means Saving Money And Time.

Part of the reason we’re at the top of the food chain, is because we’re the only species on earth that actively plans for the future, which is to say we are able to imagine difficult situations before they happen and take the proper precautions. Doing this compulsively is definitely not healthy and we don’t encourage any of our bros to do it, but thinking about our routine from time to time, its hazards and limitations is reasonable, since it’ll allow you to have a response to scenarios likely to happen and repeat themselves over time. When it comes to composing a useful EDC gear, recommend taking into account these sorting principles:

Usage: one of the most important aspects to consider when building your EDC gear is how reliable its components are. Ask yourself for each tool: “does this tool help me achieve the task that I require?” And just as important, “depending of where I may be going or what I’m doing: is it useful to have it with me at all times?”

Easy Access: if you’re going to carry it, it better be easy to reach. Organize your EDC gear or carry it in some form of package that allow you to easily identify and select the tool for a given task, if an EDC gear is hard to handle, making it difficult to reach your tools then it’s not serving its purpose.

Longevity: are the tools you carry used for daily tasks or are they grabbed specifically for unexpected situations? Whatever the answer, always keep tools with enough quality to be used repeatedly over time. If some of them aren’t reliable enough, replacing them can make your EDC as effective as you need it to be. Remember, your EDC gear is there to help you out of tough spots you can’t plan for in advance, and having a low quality tool break down on you when you need it is counter intuitive and costly at best.

Comfort: Weight, size and being practical: these three parameters define both your EDC convenience as well as the likelihood of you carrying it. Since any EDC gear is essentially a combo of tools, whenever including or excluding a given tool, think about how it affects your comfort when being carried altogether throughout the day.

Bro Tip:

When assembling your EDC gear, it is always best to equip your absolute essentials only, and then as time goes by, mindfully add tools that end up covering for unexpected scenarios you experienced.

A Comfortable, Space Efficient and Elegant EDC Pouch:

A fundamental in any EDC gear load out, is comfort and convenience. Nobody likes carrying tools in a way that bothers you throughout the day, which is why having a pouch will allow you to keep all your tools at hand and in order, not to mention the pouch looks great, so it’ll blend right in with the rest of your clothes (you don’t even need a belt to use it). Of all the EDC carry boxes and pouches out there, we believe this one to be incredibly versatile.

Providing a similar function of an everyday carry box, this great looking and highly effective tool holder covers our criteria for excellence, not only does it have the necessary compartments for you to put all of this basic EDC gear but also gives you enough space to guard your smartphone (iPhone 8S size ones aren’t a problem for it), pens and other tools that you’ll prefer to have with you. A couple of things that grabbed our attention was that it had outstanding fabric and stitching, making it highly resistant without looking bulky or excessively big.

Bro Tip:

If you’re not fond of its white stiches (hardly noticeable in our opinion) you can paint them with a sharpie and get that full black look, its fabric really soaks up the tint and even if you wash it once a month it will still take a couple of washes before it’s time to paint it again.

Multitools, An EDC Gear Fundamental:

Simply put, concentrating different individual tools (such as knife, wire strippers, wire cutters, scissors, needles, screwdrivers and even tweezers) into a single unit means being able to perform a whole bunch of different tasks while min-maxing the space in your pouch. In that regard, multitools are all about efficiency and comfort.

If it’s the first time you carry one of these babies, chances are you won’t feel completely comfortable with one of the bigger models, and miss out on many of its uses. This is why having a sturdy yet hardly noticeable Leatherman such as the one we present you can go a long way, its size it can perfectly function as a keychain while still getting the job done at any time.

Its parts are assembled in the states and each of its tools is also Made in the USA, plus they are all metallic, and thanks to its sturdiness can give you a pro vibe while using it, since they’re often used by electricians and other professionals. It’s hands-down one of the best EDC multitool out there, so if you’re having a hard time coming up with a quality gift for an awesome price, consider this lightweight EDC multitool.

LED Flashlight: A Must Have In Your EDC Gear Loadout

From helping you move and see in the dark, finding things you dropped without having to fumble around in order to get them, to providing critical vision whenever you’re fixing plumbing, electrical appliances or even tweaking something on a car or bike, a flashlight is one of the handiest allies you can have in your EDC gear (and we’re not even mentioning its uses on emergency cases).

Imagine you’re are thrown into the dark because of an earthquake, some random power outage or any other unexpected and delicate situation, having a flashlight to guide through hazardous rubble or broken glass can become invaluable and even save your life. We know bros, it’s an extreme and unlikely event, but having an EDC gear allows you to feel confident and ready in any scenario.

What about self-defense? most of the time, petty criminals prefer to mug or even attack people in poorly lit areas during the night, so if you’re strolling or just having a walk to clear your mind from your daily business, keeping a flashlight handy can deter common muggers, not to mention any person can be spotted and even blinded for a couple of seconds giving you enough time for you to get out of harm’s way without anyone getting hurt (please do this exclusively as a last resource, ideally you want to use your flashlight as a tool and not a potential weapon).

If we think about all these different scenarios then we need a flashlight that is small enough to be in your pouch or pocket, strong and lightweight for durability and comfort. This model not only gives you that but serves different awesome functions as well:

  • It has an SOS mode that you can leave on in case you need to give a distress call in a rescue situation
  • It has a zoom light feature in which you can concentrate its power in a focal point.
  • It’s being offered in a 2 pack presentation, allowing you for a very good price to have one with you while the other at home.

Definitely a superb item for anyone’s EDC gear, plus: it saves your phone battery since you won’t need to use its flashlight that often!

Protect Your Phone From the Elements: Get a Water-resistant notepad:

We know what you’re thinking bros, in today’s day and age sounds old fashion to write things down with pen and paper but let me ask you a question: How cool it would be being able to take notes, measurements, make lists, point out reminders, draw, you name it without exposing your smartphone to harmful conditions?

This is exactly the reason a quality notepad is always useful to have in your EDC gear, it just give you so much through so little. The main thing here in choosing a notepad that really conveys value depends entirely on the quality of its properties and in this case, they’re pretty awesome:

Slipping in your pouch easily, this notepad is excellent when using it outdoors: its 100 pages are thick and soothing for writing, it doesn’t soak up water drops from rain while its cover is completely waterproof meaning that even indoor, coffee and smooth drinks spilling wont mess up your notes.

Another extra cool thing about this notepad is that comes in different and contrasting colors, that way depending on whether you want to notice it from afar or just blend in with the rest for your tools you have room for personalization.

A Reliable Measuring Tape: One Of The Most Underrated EDC Gear Components

This handy measuring tape (a couple of times larger than a penny by the way) it’s lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, especially if you go for an Everyday carry box.

Being a great quality vs. cost addition to your EDC gear, we do want to mention that despite its outer case not being metallic, its chain links and keychain loop are, making these parts a lot more durable. It suits excellently in any situation where you have to measure a bunch of things or just referencing inches or feet. On a side note: If you like to fidget a lot with small tools, this reliable keychain will bring you plenty of value.

Keep Your Data At Hand: The Always Useful Flash drive:

The popularity of this model has demonstrated in time the quality and convenience it provides, as an essential in our present times you can’t miss having one of these reliable flash drives as part of your EDC gear. Going from 8 to 64 gb you can adapt it to your storage necessities and thanks to its lightweight you can even add it to your keychain and keep it always on the ready!

  • Note: Scandisk offers a 2-year limited warranty which is always a reassurance if your experience any kind of problem hardware or software wise.

We know there are definitely more elegant flash drives out there but we wanted to focus more on its reliability and getting the most bang for the buck for everyone (as our bro code dictates).

Always Include A Durable Fixed Blade Utility Knife In Your EDC Gear:

Last but not least bros, after hours of research, we decided to include one of the finest utility knives not only in terms of functionality, but also taking heavily into account its quality (durability) offered at its price range.
This Morakniv has two features that caught our attention right of the bat, it has a very sharpened and hardened blade, which you can choose to be either carbon or stainless steel depending on the weather conditions in which you want to use it and its incredibly comfortable ergonomic grip.

Regarding its blade you can count this as a highly reliable tool for either fishing, prepping your outdoor foods as well as working some wood while camping, but if you are the kind of guy who likes to spend time just fixing or tinkering with some stuff at home this Morakniv will be ideal for you as well. As the excellent general use knife it is, having a standard grip position that suits different kinds of tasks really gives a plus on the versatility department.

For its price, its quality, and versatility this Morakniv is one of the best general purpose EDC knife out there, especially for any bro interested in getting their first utility knife.

Final words on this EDC gear:

We are pretty confident that this basic EDC gear covers the concept for what to look for and select for your everyday. So bros, what do you think about EDC gears? Do you find it useful for your everyday routine? We’d love to hear your opinion and experiences, so feel free to drop a comment!


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