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Best Shaving Kit For Men: 2018 Buyer's Guide

Last updated on Feb. 25th 2018

Shaving used to be one of the things that you learned as a kid from your dad, your big brother or even your uncle or grandpa, nowadays you can learn quickly in YouTube about the different ways to do it and you can even find advice and tips from professional barbers. However, what still remains the same is the fact that it’s a man’s personal business knowing how to do it, which method is the most preferred by each and which tools are the most comfortable and best suited to your style.

The first thing to consider is that there are three (3) shaving methods for your face area: 1) Wet Shaving, 2) Electric Shaving and 3) Beard Trimming. To each we want to give the necessary attention and detail in order to give you the best advice possible on how to properly execute them, that way you can master any style you wish to pursue at any given time. In this piece, we want to give some solid counsel both for bros who may be shaving for the first time and for those who already got the shaving basics down. The idea is also to share with you an error proof wet shaving method that will save you time while avoiding those nasty razor burns we all hate.

We guarantee you that you’ll be glad you reviewed our wet shave shaving method, so we highly recommend you check it out! If you feel something can be improved, or better explained, please drop us a comment and we’ll make sure it gets added to the article!

One last thing: we’re going to explain step by step our wet shaving method, please remember to follow these steps in order, in the end we’ll provide you a list of products that we’ve added to our men shaving set for 2018. We have personally tried them along the years with outstanding results, so let’s get to it bros!

How to use your men shaving set

Get that beard area wet

The most important step is laying the foundations for a comfortable shave, and logically it all starts with getting rid of our skins dryness.

There are many ways we can bring moisture to our beard area, but we highly recommend doing it while you shower. It’ll provide more than enough humidity all around your face and because warm water helps your pores expand, making it instantly easier to shave.

With enough water, your hair will not only be easier to cut, but what’s more important, is that it‘ll make your skin surface slick enough for your razor to eliminate excess hair without damaging it. Professional barbers replicate the effects of a hot shower by using warm, moisturized towels on your face. We highly recommend you try a professional shave at least once, we guarantee you’ll be surprised at how relaxing it is!

When it comes to shaving, there’s a timeless rule bros, and it’s to never shave a cold face, basically because no amount of foam is going to save you from getting annoying razor bumps and rashes, so once your face is properly hydrated, it’s time to apply your shaving cream.

Bro Tip:

Your beard’s hair density absorbs 25% of your skin’s natural moisture and water it’s exposed to!

Apply your shaving cream or foam

You may be asking: “Why would I use a shaving cream if I already moisturized my shaving area?” And this question comes from the notion that your foam is meant to protect your skin (and it does), but for the most part, it’s meant to lubricate your razor’s blade. So go ahead and fill the center of your hand with a small blob of your favorite shaving cream, and circularly apply it to your beard area.

Applying in circular motion around your face maximizes its effects and prevents your razor from getting stuck or pulling hairs when you slide it. Let the shaving cream settle for a minute, and now you’re officially ready for the most satisfying, close shave yet.

Get your razor and start shaving

Your razor is, obviously enough, the most critical tool of shaving, because not only does it get cut your hairs, but it also gets rid of the layer of dead cells that sit around your face. In fact, removing it is what gives you that lasting sensation of freshness, and because they’re already mixed with the moisturizing product we applied earlier, your razor will smoothly displace them while you’re getting rid of your facial hair.

So really, when you’re shaving, you’re also getting rid of the natural waste your body disposes through its pores. Neat!

Best Shaving Kit For Men: Step by Step Shaving

Get a clean, close shave in three steps
  • #1

    Start with your sideburns

  • #2

    Go for the moustache

  • #3

    Work the chin area

Why: because by the time you start with your chin, the moisturizer and cream will have softened the most difficult part to shave. It’s really the ultimate time saver.

Let the razor do the work: PLEASE, tell your bros that special razor bump products are rarely needed, most razor bump problems can be avoided by not pressing your razor too hard, and of course, by shaving in the direction your hair grows.

Key razor tips:

  • If your facial hair isn’t thick, you can change your blades every ten (10) shaves.
  • If your facial hair is thick, change your blade every three (3) shaves
  • If you don’t shave daily, then change your blades two weeks after the first shave, else they get dull, and you’ll damage your skin and waste time the next time you use it

Solid shaving tip for men: How to get the most out of your razor:

  • If you have a large volume of facial hair, don’t try to get a skin level, close shave on your first pass, especially if your facial hair is thick. Take your time! The moisturizing and shaving cream combo will make this considerably quicker anyways.
  • Study the directions in which your hair grows, and always run the razor in the direction in which it grows.
  • If possible, have a cup of hot or warm water so you can rinse the blade after each pass, that way you’ll dispose hairs, product and dead skin and maximize each shave.

Cleansing and soothing:

Now that you’re done shaving, it’s crucial that you rinse the shaved area with warm water. By everything that you hold dear please don’t use a dry towel for this! If you have a sensitive skin, you’ll get a rash, guaranteed.

If you don’t have any warm water, and you Rambo’d your shaving, apply a little moisturizing lotion again. Make sure to get rid of any excess lotion.

Ideally, you’ll want to finish off with some shave lotions or balms, so that you can clean any microwounds you might’ve caused while shaving, and to prolong that glorious fresh sensation you get after you’re done shaving. Further below we recommend some thoroughly researched products that work perfectly for sensitive and regular skins alike.

Solid shaving tip for men: “What if I’m in a rush or I don’t have time to shower?”

That’s alright, you can still get a smooth shave, just use this neat trick:
Apply some moisturizing cream or lotion for the skin (any regular lotion will work, you just want to moisturize your face). Rub the area you want to shave, and give it a couple of seconds for the product to work its magic. Now, splash some water to make the area slick and shave away!
Remember: follow this neat trick is you’re really short on time, otherwise follow our shaving guide, we guarantee it’ll make your shaving experience something you’ll look forward to!

That’s it bros! We are confident our method will bring you great results instantly, but we still encourage our bros to criticize it and “battle test it” so to speak. Now we’re going to share with you the products that we personally use and that we’ve found yield the best results at the best price. We’ve handpicked them, and explain why they’re the best at what they do. Try them out and let us know what you think!

Introducing the best men shaving set for 2018

We’ve organized our 2018 men shaving set for our bros, and for each step in our wet shaving guide for men, there is at least one product we recommend. In the following chart we explain why each item is so handy and useful as part of your men shaving set, and as always, we want to let our bros know that quality vs. cost was a major factor in selecting our men shaving set, since staying true to getting the best bank for the buck for you is the most important aspect when recommending items in our pieces.

NIVEA Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion

Moisturizer for this men shaving set : NIVEA Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion

We recommend using it in both Step I and III (Especially if you’re dry shaving): This is a very versatile body lotion to have in your bathroom, especially for those of us with dry and irritable skin. Many of you bros probably aren’t used to using a body lotion in your wet shaving process but, as we mentioned previously in this piece, we want to share with you the many advantages of having one in your men shaving set: First and foremost it works excellently for very dry and irritable skin, back in the day when I first started shaving I used to hate how much it hurt every time I used a razor on my face, but using it even in the smallest amount finally allowed me to enjoy shaving while also protecting my skin, I gotta say it’s especially effective if you want to shave during winter. The best part is that it’s not unpleasantly greasy and it cleans off quickly when washing your razors blade.

All of these advantages and its great price is what lead us to recommend you bros this product as part of your men shaving set. Considering the quantity each bottle has, and how little you’ll actually need per shave, it’ll easily last you more than an entire year, maybe less if you shave often and decide to be extra generous when applying it. Either way, it’s a very cost effective product.

Schick Hydro 5 Razor

Razor for this men shaving set: Schick Hydro 5 Razor

There are many reasons why we chose these awesome and reliable razor for this men shaving set, first of all the handle doesn’t make you slip while shaving even if it gets really wet, that way you can cruise through all your facial features with a firm grip.

By having a great hold, you can make the most out of his fixed mode in which the razor still its blade bay so you can shave more precisely in the sideburn area or any hard neck angled spots where it’s tough to get a clean shave.

Another great asset this razor has is having an extra blade compared to the Gillete models, in the long run you can finish your shave in fewer sweeps, plus there’s no downside in having an extra blade since it doesn’t clogs easily in cases where you want to shave significant amount of facial hair.

It’s been ten years, since I first used it, and it doesn’t matter how thick my facial hair has gotten: it still works like a charm, making it a must have item in my personal men shaving set.

Yes to Mens Shave Cream

Shaving cream for this men shaving set: Yes to Men’s Shave Cream

For usage in Step II: This is a must have item in your men shaving set. The main difference in shaving with foam and shaving with cream lies in the clogging of your razors blade, this makes shaving a lot more comfortable since you don’t have to repeatedly clean your razor throughout the whole process.

There are some cool facts about this cream: it contains Vitamin E which heals dehydrated skin, (awesome for those of us who end up cutting or damaging our face when shaving because of this). It also helps if you have strong hair rooted in a sensitive skinned face. By the way, if you’re more of an outdoors man, it also heals sunburns, pretty cool huh?

Regarding its smell: It doesn’t have that sometimes abrasive smell of menthol, finally the one thing we gotta warn you bros before getting one for your men shaving set: If you have treenut allergies, this shaving cream has almond oil in it, so forget about getting one if that’s the case.

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

Shaving cream for this men shaving set: Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

Also for usage in Step II: We wanted to give our bros some wiggle room when choosing what’s best for your men shaving set, and as a substitute for the previous shaving cream we wanted to recommend another type of cream that could also works like a charm for skins that are sensitive while still having strong facial hair.

By also not being a foam it almost never clogs your razors blades, reducing the amount of times you have to clean the razor while shaving. This one however does provides that fresh sensation on the skin that mentholated foams give you, on another note, if you are a fan of shaving your head this is a must have item in your men shaving set!

NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm 3.3 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3)

Aftershave Balm for this men shaving set: NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm 3.3 Fluid Ounce

For usage in Step IV: Earlier we recommended the Nivea body lotion in your men shaving set for 2018 for our wet shaving method, which is why we also recommend its after shave balm. It really does pair up excellently with it.

If despite all precautions you end up having a couple of shaving cuts, this balm with heal them perfectly, plus and almost as importantly, if you’re going out for a special occasion (whether it’s the social or professional kind) it will also protect your shaved area from irritating when splashing a bit of cologne.

Lather & Wood Shaving Co. After Shave Balm

Aftershave Balm for this men shaving set: Lather & Wood Shaving Co. After shave balm

Also for usage in Step IV: As an alternative to the previous balm in your men shaving set, we wanted to also give you the option of considering an alcohol free healing balm for any unwanted shaving cuts, it’s not oily at all and it smells great to the point of not needing cologne, helping you save some money as well!

It works like a charm even if you haven’t shaved in a long period of time and it’s a pretty cool and handy gift in an excellent price range, making it a great addition to someone else’s men shaving set.

Final words from your bros

Hopefully this article hasn’t been a bit too long, but we truly believe, shaving is a well-rewarded investment in our personal image, and the best part is: it can be enjoyed repeatedly as our facial hair grows. Let us know how your shaving went after taking into account these steps, tell us how we can improve this method, or even gives us some feedback on the items included in this men shaving set we presented to you.

Feel free to point us out towards specific topics in which you actually need more info on and actually adapt this men shaving set for all your bros shaving experience!


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